July 29, 2020

Should we tolerate working people being treated so badly; when Amazon is worth trillions, and its warehouse staff are afraid to take toilet breaks, can we with any conscience continue to use it?

Penny Anderson

InstallationEnargeia Arcade, 2020

I am interested in precarious employment, short term-contracts and billionaires. To this end, I create sculptures from ready made-dolls house furniture, re-purposed toy arcade games, clocks and mirrors decorated with text statements. I write this during lockdown, with delivery drivers knocking on every door, providing whimsies, essential goods book and presents. I know that there is an army of drivers being abused, and over the past few months they have often been the only face I have seen. They are denied proper holiday, sacked without rights, their every movement tracked. Warehouse staff are so scared to take breaks they piss into bottles. I am disabled, and can’t easily physically wander pound shop; therefore with no choice but to shop online; friends with shops and businesses endure the tyranny and charges of this behemoth. Hypocritically, I can’t avoid using Amazon. And yet I wish I could., and think we all should. Amazon avoids tax, new warehouses being encouraged to open with government subsidies. These people are often faceless and voiceless, their abusers shameless . We should not tolerate their treatment, but how can we stop using Amazon?