September 12, 2019

September Shortlist – Should we take a leaf out of their book?

Lorna Romanenghi

Jewellery (Silver, Gold and Titanium)Above and Below, 201915x23 cm

“Above and Below” is inspired by the way plants communicate and interact.
Creating strong communication networks both above and below ground, plants interact with different organisms, as well as each other, ensuring the survival and prosperity of every member of these networks.
This is possible through intricate root-system communications facilitated by fungi, which allow neighbouring plants to transfer information through their roots.
They also exchange sound frequencies with bees, in order to be found and pollinated.
The vibrant colours of the fire-stained titanium present in my work depict the spectrographic representation of sound wave data gathered from local bees.
By creating these mutually beneficial relationships, plants demonstrate that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.
For this reason my pieces are composed of multiple elements joined together to form a whole, in an unbreakable circle of communication.
I find the altruistic way plants work together, communicating with each other and other species, truly inspiring. Given the ever-growing hatred and intolerance we can observe in our societies, I want my work to reflect on how nature interacts without prejudice or judgement, capturing the idea that through communication and working together, we can create something beautiful and precious.