January 8, 2019

Should we live our lives with love as a verb not as a noun?

Grace James


Great importance is given to this perfect thing called love. Love is everywhere. We all seek it, desire it possibly even expect it. Love is feted: the panacea of all ills. Plato claimed “He whom loves touches not walks in darkness.” Love exists in many forms passion, friendship, familial love and even uncommitted and self-love. This much valued and revered emotion is sold as the perfect life but love is not about perfection. Love is imperfect. In any relationship love isn’t a noun it is a verb it is always reliant on acceptance, choice, doing and giving. Accepting that we are all imperfect, choosing to be there, doing whatever it takes to place the needs of others front and centre, giving of ourselves. Love is a verb and without these actions love does not exist whether we name it or not. It is the actions of love we should promote and value its selflessness, its courage, its generosity, its humanity.


Gouache on paper
70cm x 100cm