September 17, 2019

Should we eat the animal people?

Suzanne Papillon, 35

This piece explores our relationship with animals and the future of eating meat.

Interchangeable animal heads are paired with human limbs, with the spare limbs hanging like meat from the stand. The human interchangeable with the animal.

The title of this work is inspired by a clip of a child realising that what she is eating was once a turkey. She expresses grief for the animal, crying as she holds a piece of meat in her hand, she asks why the people are being chopped up, her father reassures her they aren’t people, so she asks why the “animal people” are chopped up.

I believe we are born with an altruistic nature, even as adults when an animal becomes a pet we wouldn’t see their life as dispensable. Through a child’s eyes no animal’s life is.

Within the next five years, in vitro meat – synthetic meat, created by culturing muscle cells in nutrients will be commercially available. In an age when this is possible, humanity has to make important decisions about livestock farming. Synthetic meat could eventually produce higher quality “meat” at a fraction of the cost, as well as provide animal welfare and environmental advantages over slaughtering livestock.

Should we eat the animal people?, 2017Milliput, Foam, Wire, Wood, MDF, Polycarbonate, Metal hooks and Acrylic Paint.42cm x 30cm x 38cm