September 19, 2019

Should we change our diet to save the planet?

Carolina Alcazar Rosal

DigitalStop eating meat to save the planet, 201970 x 42

In a moment when the planet is breaking apart, and young people are telling older generations how worried they are about the future of their planet, are we really looking at the real changes we can make in our life to amend this situation? Or are we hoping for the best without changing anything in our lifestyle? As an illustrator a lot of information lands in my hands as part of my practice, this project consisted of illustrating my interpretation of ecology activist Lidia Delgado Calvo-Floresā€˜s thoughts and my personal position, to produce an editorial illustration. With a direct visual message, I wanted to shout about how our diet is destroying the planet. Consuming meat is no longer a choice and we must change our diet. The meat industry is taking over the planet, and the amount of land need to grow animals is the main cause of deforestation. Big companies have a huge responsibility, but are we aware of how much people can affect markets?