January 31, 2021

Should Time For Creativity Be Scheduled In The Diary?

Richard Nicholls

VideoEdinburgh - 30 days of photos. The most beautiful city in the world?, 2021

In May 2020 I embarked on a challenge to cycle 25km every day for 31 days (https://youtu.be/YSbxUCxA664). The challenge was not about the distance.

I wanted to look at the discipline needed to build a new habit. The results were startling. My diet improved, my productivity soared, I slept better and my mood was greatly lifted. The discipline required for daily exercise had a profound effect on me.

But what about creativity?

Can this be scheduled into the diary like another daily activity? And if so, what effect would this have on the creative process? I decided to examine what would happen if you force yourself to try and be creative for 30 consecutive days. I used to be of the mindset that I can’t always be creative, and I should wait for the inspiration to strike. But having seen the power of taking consistent daily action with exercise, I wanted to examine whether the same approach could be applied to creative discipline. In order to find out, I dedicated time every day for 30 days to take a photo of the beautiful city of Edinburgh to force myself to be creative.