The struggle to make a living cuts deep in the creative industries when we are asked to sacrifice our creative fulfilment for a living wage. Early into a career, pressure is put on us to grab whatever experience we can, often through unfulfilling work that never challenges us, or allows us to explore our true potential.

Struck by demotivation in the wake of returning to corporate design job after the winter break – I found myself questioning if working in these roles will ever bring me to a stage where I will be able to legitimately pursue my own artistic interests for a living – or if it will simply lead to saturation, wasted time, and oppression of self-worth.

Is success measured through resilience, or passion? Should I be grateful for any creative role (however arduous or empty), or should I be pushing myself (at great risk) to go beyond what I have settled for?

Will I work in places like this forever?

Should I?


Toil For Your Dreams
Digital illustration and poetry

In our desperate need to align with our often preconceived impression of how society wishes us to work; do we lose track of our ambitions and, in turn, hinder the progress we would have made if we had engaged in more passionate and personal endeavours from the beginning?

This piece aims to explore the duality between the necessity of building a career, and the overpowering desire to drop everything and pursue our own creative ends.