Acrylic Paint & Posca PensLife is Just a Giant Filtration System. Time Period 2010-2020., 2020

Art, Bipolar, Madness is Me From the very moment of the first explosion in my head I knew my world had changed.

I had gone from one place to another rapidly and my brain throbbed with an unimaginable quantity of disparate thoughts going in all different directions simultaneously, when combined with the light and colours that I was experiencing, definitely constituted a new, terrifying destination.

I’d never felt so close to death before, I knew and felt the horrible realisation that I’d finally gone and snapped mentally.

I knew from that very moment that my life had changed fundamentally. I’m interested in the changing, fleeting nature of life and how by the days end my consciousness has changed so radically from this morning’s coffee!

I try to capture my obsessive nature and the small boxes I add into most of my artwork I like to think represent small, contained ideas, moments of thought, boxed off from the outside world.

I use art compulsively and I believe this can be observed in my art. Some words and the learned wisdom of the “Open Eyed However Sometimes Wise Lunatic on Entering Before Finally Leaving Downtown Chaos”. Still Alive at 31.01.2021 at 15:25