February 1, 2019

Should art be used as an act of therapy or emotional release?

Should art be used as an act of therapy or emotional release?

Matthew Dunsmore

On the run up to making this piece I felt so angry about life. So many things in my existence were causing me pain and anguish. Stress from juggling a part time job and university caused me to feel myself slowly sinking further and further away into a dark pit. I began to feel less and less like myself. I would always say “you’ve got to drown to learn to swim”, believing that through the torment will come some form of enlightenment or way out. Yet, nothing came.

I began making Finite Absolutes as a way to try and get over this dip in my life. If I’m honest, at the time I didn’t know why I was making the film as it is so unlike anything I have ever made before. In hindsight, I now realise I was using it as some sort of release. The film represents the battle between warring thoughts and feelings, and tries to capture the uncertainty that a person experiences when facing inner turmoil. I believe it is so important to release these feelings in any sort of way and that escapism is essential in life, I will take this lesson to the grave.


Finite Absolutes