January 31, 2020

Should an utopian dreamer desire an universal harmony of the realities?

Natacha Galbano

Utopian Dream, 201925cm x 26 cm

Dreamers: We all are. But this reality in which we live our whole lives and in which we struggle and grow, we cry and love is not what we want. Dreamers are those who want to fulfil their desires, goals, expectations, want to improve. Dreamers are those who look at this reality. Then there’re the utopian dreamers that are linked to the desire for a place in a parallel reality where everything is perfect, where one does not cry, does not struggle but loves and lives a life that only a child could recognise because he is still not poisoned by earthly reality, and illusory. this work represents the rising utopia of those who hope to be able to change things and make them better, like those who hope to be able to change and make themselves better but not in another reality but in the one in which we all live. Like every emotion and so that the utopia should be perceived, I have given it a facet, a hope, the possibility that it materialises in a look to the future. So just like that, merging these dreams that one can live in a perfect world.