December 22, 2018

Sharing food and local knowledge bring together disparate communities?

Isabella Poulos


“The Potluck Project” emerges from the idea of developing a stronger sense of place by learning from the people who make up a community, and focusing on the food that they eat, make, or have access to. Through a cookbook of recipes collected from the community, creating ceramic pieces specific to each dish included, and culminating in a potluck dinner, this project focuses on how the passing on of knowledge and information can inform a greater sense of what it means to live in Bennington Vermont, and how food can contribute to a heightened sense of community.
This work has been informed by a life full of developing memories through food and eating, understanding my relationship to places and the people who surround me in them, and ultimately reflecting on how food can be a means of connection. In my life I have witnessed a growing separation between the food that we eat and our relationship to it. Food has become anonymous in the sense that we don’t or have a hand in its journey from the earth to our mouths. Through sharing knowledge and meals this project aims to bring back a sense of knowing our food and the people who surround us.