February 27, 2017


Siobhan Ironside


My self-portrait describes the value of self-direction through its unique form and emotive accuracy. The image is a humorous representation of me as it shows apathetic facial expressions – who are typical of me. I think it is necessary to draw the picture as accurately as possible because only then will it show as much emotion in the artwork as in reality. Emotion is important to me because it describes the freedom in being myself. I not only use self-portraiture to depict my physical appearance and personality, but to show that I respect myself. This portrait in particular is so different because it shows how reluctant I am to have my picture taken. I think that because of this it is easy for anyone to imagine a character to match the face. It also shows that in order to be independent, I must believe that I can achieve my goals by using creativity and originality (just like the structure of this drawing). I feel that through art, I can fully express emotions which would otherwise be different to say in words and I can keep using it to remind myself that I can reach my targets, no matter how ambitious they may be.