January 9, 2017


Theresa Peteranna


My entry is short story about belonging. Specifically, the sense of belonging we look for in other people. We all want to belong to someone and that causes vulnerability. To truly belong to someone, we must trust them to take care of us, whether it’s a simple everyday act of driving or taking care of our emotional wellbeing.

Driving is a task we often take for granted. Each driver is responsible for their passenger’s lives. When someone drives me around for the first time, I always watch their actions. The act of being in a car alone with someone can also be very intimate.

In the case of this story, the trust we feel for another person breaks down. But we don’t forget the memory and look for, in our next match, that same feeling of trust we once had.

Drawing the hands of the characters helped me to further reinforce the idea of belonging. Hands can retrace the memory of relationships and gestures like holding hands can symbolise the strength and trust of two people.

In adolescence, our search for belonging is crucial as we learn how to love and trust ourselves.