July 12, 2022

Salt and Brine: Drive your mind over pits of the miners

Nandini Sen

photography Salt and Brine: Drive your mind over pits of the miners, 2022

I stepped inside the salt mine at Krakow, called Wieliczka, a futuristic fairyland. Immediately it relates to Polish culture and power. I weave their history around the staple of Polish identity, heritage, and their memories associated with it throughout the storyline of few photographs. The photos examine restoration of the heritage cite, highlighting close intertwining of colours, the history of the miners, and their relationships with Royal Society. Though the mine closed, it retained a philosophical, meditative, and aesthetic relationship with communities. They speak about jarring memories of the mine reflecting forgotten lifeworld of past centuries when the salt-mine was functional. Photos signify deliberate recovery, remaking of the remarkable Polish material culture. They relived interconnections between heritage and other aesthetic properties of the mine as unfolded through combination of religious and artistic museums inside the mine. They will help future researchers to understand why some are inscribed on heritage registers giving clue that it is necessary to recognise creation of heritage is the result of process, essentially sociopolitical based on the distribution of decision-making power. They must be well-sustained depending on how far the values, traditions, and practices of the society together with Government are understood, respected, and encouraged.