July 24, 2022

Repent Now!

Abigail Osborne

CollageRepent Now!, 2022297 *420 mm

You are abused as a child, and you grow up, and you get no justice. Nobody knows, understands or cares. As an adult you try to hide your shame and your mental problems borne from having lost the ability to trust people, to trust the kind touch of others. You try to hide what a freak you are. Then you find the abuser, as an adult, on social media so you report him to the police. The police investigate your tenaciously held memories of trauma. The procurator fiscal comes back and tells you there is not enough evidence to convict. So what do you do next? You have therapy, and you try to come to terms with the dearth of earthly justice. You make art of angels. Angels represent heavenly justice. It is a comforting thought. You make art of angel statues and you seek out ways to thrive in a world that nearly destroyed you when you were four. Everyone should be able to thrive, especially victims of child sexual abuse.