December 31, 2019

Remembering Happier Times?

Andy Crosbie

Watercolours and PhotographySunset at Port Bannatyne, Isle of Bute, 2019

Following my grandmother’s passing in 2016 I experienced a period of anxiety and depression and was also struggling a bit to pass the time I now had following on from visiting her in hospital or the care home. This lead to me seeking counselling and complementary therapy. From these sessions we discussed a number of things and decided to give painting a try. I chose to try this photograph that I have entered as the cover photo that I took with her when visiting her sister on the Isle Of Bute back in 2013. This particular photograph and evening is very special to me as it was the last time she was able to walk independently as shortly afterwards her health deteriorated significantly so decided when I gave painting a try to do that one as makes me think back to the wonderful evening we had together.