February 13, 2021

Remember The Smiles We Used To Share With Strangers?

Olga Bloemen

Spoken Word / PoetrySmiling (To) Strangers - A love letter, 2020

This is a love letter to the smiles we lost. On buses, in shops, on street corners I created this piece to remember one of our -many- collective losses in this time: the smiles we used to share with strangers. I miss our covered smiles. The poem is somewhere between a love letter and a lament. Honouring this loss in words helped me to grapple with the strange and disconnected experience of the past months – of leaving the house and meeting masked faces. I hope it will invite others too to honour the things we lost as well as the things we found during this pandemic. Soon I’ll write a love letter to our eyes smiling To the smiling eyes we share with strangers in this strangest of times. With gratitude to the “Giving Sorrow Words” series hosted by Larry Butler (Lapidus Scotland) at the Scottish Poetry Library in Autumn 2020, which inspired me to write this poem. Photo by Logan Troxell on Unsplash.