October 24, 2019


Monika Alff, 58

He regrets it – always! Genuinely; he says.
I believe him. I want to believe him.
But then why does he do it again?…and again….and again?
My collage visualises the distribution of power in violent relationships. It shows the divide across relationships, the regret in men, the doubt in women. I wanted to invoke ambiguous emotions and a feeling of unease. I consider collage the perfect medium to confront the viewer and express ambiguities. I hope to encourage discussion about why men feel regret but rarely contribute to finding solutions that end domestic abuse.
Witnessing domestic violence led me to think deeply about the situations. I asked myself:
Are the men genuinely sorry? This seems to be the case.
What then, are the reasons that they rarely take any action to change their behaviour?
Is this due to a deep rooted lack of respect for women? What could society and especially men do to improve the situation?
Asking these questions puts dealing with the issues underlying domestic violence into the court of men. However, most of the time it is women who have to take the initiative and act to evoke any changes.
It is time the issues underlying domestic violence were being discussed more widely.

Regret?, 2019Hand-cut Paper Collage on cardA6