July 9, 2022

Reaching Out

Alex Harrow

steel weldingReaching Out, 2022

Throughout time, humankind has been fixated on our own form as a means to gain insight into our existence. During the pandemic, our relationships to others and the connections between ourselves and others has been tested – with warnings to “social distance” and to keep apart being our normal in the past few years. This project has a keen focus on these relationships and connections. Connections which we have lost during the pandemic and the lack of human contact which we have all endured over this period. I have been exploring these ideas of loss and connection mainly through sculpture These mediums allowed me to play with my concepts in a unique and interesting manner, I found myself fascinated with the materiality creating figures from steel I sought to use this as a means of portraying these sculptures as being cold, hard, and emotionless. The sculptures which I have created are mainly influenced by the brilliant sculptors: Eduardo Paolozzi, Anthony Gormley, Louise Bourgeois and David Smith. My sculptures are mainly depicted to be reaching out as a means of seeking human connection – reaching out craving the human affection and touch we have all missed during the pandemic