January 31, 2021

Quo Vadis? / Where Are You Going?

Maciej Zurawski

Digital PhotographyThe End And A New Beginning, 2020

When you are not allowed to explore, where do you go?

Where you are not allowed to journey, what adventure do you seek?

When you are told your deepest instinct – curiosity – has to be restrained, how can you then grow?

Do not let bitterness fill your heart. Even a walk to your local park can open new perspectives. Imagine that you are in India, and these are the mysterious colours above the temples. Imagine it is the last day of the universe.

The sky tells you: do not be afraid, you will soon be immersed in the universal beauty and the infinite light – it will embrace you and surround you. I saw the plague, then its death, then signs in the sky – a pillar of light – then the end and a new beginning.

All of these five signs I saw from my home town, the capital, and the camera is my witness. It is important that even in the times of plague and fear we do not lose hope, our curiosity and creativity.

That is the universal exploration. That is the longest journey. That is the longing and growth beyond time and space.