April 25, 2017

Queen Elizabeth III

Luke Simumba


Around four years ago, I began teaching myself how to paint with oils and now it is my main media when creating work. “Queen Elizabeth III” is a piece that articulates what I feel the future could have in store for us, whilst still centring the work around the underlying issues related to under-representation. My work and the concepts that I involve myself with, commit to not just racial equality, but societal equality as a whole. However, race is a theme that I can most definitely identify with which is why I centre my work around it. This piece has been created for an exhibition I am going to be a part of in May at the SWG3. The Royal Family are the most white washed family in cultural history and whether we like it or not, they are very much a large part of popular culture now. The speculation of the Royal Family being racists has been around for years, and there’s evidence which proves it. This piece illustrates the possibility of a monarchy which isn’t completely dominated by white skin and close-minded values. Black lives will forever, and always, matter.

oil paint & gold leaf on wood

24″ x 34″ 



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