August 29, 2019

“Quand C’est?” Is seeing things from other perspectives always the best way to visualise and accept things?

Chloe Fleming

Quand C'est?,

‘ “I wouldn’t blame cancer as if it was a – you know – a formidable monster, or something that was deliberately attacking me. It is trying to survive just as we are trying to survive.” my gran said to me, her eyes locked onto mine. I hadn’t noticed until then, how shaky her hands were or how incessant the number of sips she had been taking from her cup of tea were. It was then that I realised just how nerve wracking it was for her to talk about cancer in this light and how she bravely was trying to rise above it. And that only made me angrier. ‘

Cancer; a formidable monster. We all agree, right? I have to hate it – I DO hate it. Yet, my gran who had come face to face with the monster, seemed to have a different point of view. This pushed me to explore through photography and digital manipulation, not just how I saw cancer but how others did too. Weeks into starting this, I lost two people I had known to this monster. Both gone within 7 days of the other. My illustration of cancer became intimidating and grotesque. How do you see it?