October 28, 2013


Zara Elmi


My entry consists of three separate white conte portraits done on A2 boards. I chose to go for a simple composition as I felt it would make the piece more effective and not distract from the main aim – to show emotion. The portraits suggest the loneliness that can be felt when distressed.

I started thinking about our generations values and how they differ to that of previous generations. Morals have become increasingly relaxed, particularly concerning alcohol, drugs and sex. I wanted to portray the conflicting feelings that young people face between doing what they feel okay with and what a new culture is peer pressuring them into. The pressure to become sexuality active younger, to get drunk and be “loose” at parties, to experiment with drugs, the constant fear of missing out with social media, cyber-bulling. And the awareness that our generation will feel the effects of the recession hardest so the competition for university places becomes more intense in order to secure a good future. All these new issues on top of already existing typical teenage dramas such as school, friendships, relationships, university, family relationships etc puts an immense amount of stress on today’s young people. I wanted to show how growing up in today’s world is difficult due to an evolved culture and how it often pushes you to the end of your tether.