July 30, 2022

Post Covid Can Art Make Us Well?

Christina Riddell Milarvie Quarrell

PaintingPost Covid Can Art Help Us Heal?, 20224 x 6

Making any kind of art will go towards regaining good health post covid. Communities are beginning to strive to make sense of the losses and the traumas , the fears so many people have endured. Within our visionary NHS the workers are so tired in need of support. Art can find a way forward to reflect to our beloved NHS our thankfulness and pride in all the efforts made to communities through the past two years. Creating new memories from the pain and loss. Honouring the kindness care cooperation within so many ordinary people towards each of their neighbours and within working class communities. I feel so proud of folk. . Pandemic brought people together to help each other. Solidarity proves what can be done when communities lead and unite . Scotland had a proud history of striving for Solidarity. Getting well in mind body and spirit and with covid still around is not easy. I believe Art can contribute to making this happen. I have HOPE.