January 31, 2020

Possessions and Ownership – Are These True Essence of Being Human?

John Gigli

Oil Paint on boardPossessions and Ownership - The True Essence of Being Human, 20191200mm x 1200mm

Possessions define us as a species, ownership defines us as individuals, in this painting as in all of my paintings and art works I probe the sophisticated relationships between people and objects, possessions and ownership and how these represent our extended self. Real people are portrayed in this large oil painting where two men ponder their unique possessions which outwardly suggest ‘who they are’. How people identify and present who they ‘are’ or who they ‘want’ to be can be expressed through the objects they possess, wear, collect, have in their homes. Possessions can form strong bonds from a child’s ‘blankie’ to recent research that possessions can help prompt recall in people with Alzheimer’s Dementia. Indeed, possessions can be repositories of ourselves and it could be suggested that possessions and ownership of them are The True Essence of Being Human. Other indications of this continuing narrative are seen throughout the painting in the symbolic meaning of the following references which combine to tell their story. The added intrigue of the egg, the budgerigar, the fish, the Aphrodite bust, the sculpture of a pregnant women, all have a relevance and symbolic meaning and therein possible answers to what these individuals seek.