February 28, 2017

Player’s Perspective

Rhona Sword


Pleasure is the value that I have explored in this piece, as I feel that it reflects the two things that I am most passionate about – art and music. The rich colours and the thick oil paint represent the pleasure and joy that I can get form them. Both art and music to me are incredibly personal and so I wanted to find a way of showing how I felt doing them as I think that when you watch a musician or artist you don’t get an understanding of what it’s like from they’re perspective. I wanted to try and communicate that, hence the title, and show my reaction to indulging myself in pleasure. Art and music are intertwined for me because I find that when I play the violin my imagination is sparked and I see the colours around me much brighter, bolder and more beautiful. That is why I knew I had to paint what is essentially a picture of pleasure for me – showing how everything becomes richer and better through music and art intertwining.