July 31, 2021

Plastics as a Material to Work with Are Beautiful to Work with on So Many Levels. Should It Not Be Human Behaviour That Is Questionable?

Bea Last

Recycled, Biodegradeable, White Plastic BagsTHE WHITE BAGS, 2019approx 226 sq. ft

The White Bags: Recycled, Biodegradable, white plastic bags. Approx 226sq. ft. The underlying values for this entry are based around our usage of plastics and the behavior of human beings. Plastic has many practical applications. We are told there is ‘Good’ Plastic and ‘Bad’ plastic. We hear about the mountains of plastic the U.K sends abroad that is simply burnt. Working with it, has many qualities, aesthetically and practically. Should it not be human beings that need to change their behavior and take responsibility for how this material is disposed of? Is it not the human being behind the tool that dictates its good or bad heritage? Plastic does not throw itself in to the sea. A gun does not shoot another, on its own, the internet can be amazing…..or very destructive- it’s the human behavior behind it. This subject is urgent as we travel through the climate crises . It is important to be challenged and to engage thinking. These are physical pieces that bring in sound (of bags rustling in a breeze). Children have engaged with their physicality and good open dialogue has been exchanged.