July 18, 2022

Plastic Not Fantastic

Michael Forbes

OilPlastic not fantastic, 202130” x 40”

Artist was not a job option for me growing up. I lived in a council estate where kids were expected to join the military or go to Nigg to manufacture oil rigs. Both these options didn’t really appeal to me and I started to teach myself how to paint, not realising that being an artist was even a thing. My early work in the 1980s was about global warming , something not even talked about at the time, but I’d joined GreenPeace and the news letter had terrible predictions of our future if we did not act. I remember my painting 2010 a day at the beach of a spaceman sitting in a deckchair the sea green with pollution. Some 34 years later I’m still painting the horrors of humanity has done to this lovely blue planet. In my painting is one of the oil rigs I could have so easily ended up working on as a teenager. We are all complicit, no one gets to say it’s not my fault. Not much has changed, but at least folk are now talking about it, I’m sure that’ll fix it. We will be fine… NOT.