July 27, 2020

Personalities or products?

Annie Turner

WatercolourPersonality or Product, 20" X 15"

My piece aims to illuminate the individuality of sheep. Light and vibrant watercolour are used freely around the faces to emphasize facial expression and the personality of each sheep. Sheep see, feel, recognize key people, experience, communicate, protect and nurture young selflessly, remember kindnesses and have a sense of community. Organic sheep farmers in New Zealand recognize their qualities and choose an alpha male to be responsible and manage a large herd instead of a sheepdog. This creates stress free control and a peaceful environment for them. These individuals are treated as part of the farmer’s family and the alpha sheep is fed with the human family. This alpha sheep recognizes and accepts his superiority and privileged life. I aim to glorify and honour these humble and overlooked creatures and attempt to awaken viewers to a new perception of their worth.