January 28, 2017

Paper Dream

Lalita Love


My piece is titled “Paper Dream” My piece mainly places in the self-direction set of values but I also want to include themes from the achievement set, too. 
Below is my description: 

Advertisements tell you can do anything – run miles, go traveling, become the person of your dreams. However, I feel that in our immediate circles, this is not expressed often enough. You wanted to be an actress at 16 but all of a sudden you’re being told to grow up and think about a “real” career path. This makes dreams feel like, well, dreams. 

Day-to-day life feels like its falling apart when you dream so big and this is represented by the disintegrating uniform, which the girl appears oblivious to. I want people our young adults to know that growing up does not mean growing out of dreaming. I may have not grown up wanting to be a “data processor” but I think making it to adulthood yet hanging on to discouraged dreams is a success within itself. The girl focuses hypnotically on the paper plane and she is content with the knowledge that getting closer to her goals makes it all worth it, even worth sacrifice. 

A love-hate relationship in pursuing big dreams is inevitable; some days you feel like you’e on the right path, other days all the other successes in your life are being over-shadowed by the standards you’ve set for yourself. 

My message is that passion doesn’t come from being encouraged by others. 
When you hear your own voice encouraging yourself, it’s the loudest voice you’ll ever hear.’


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