May 19, 2017

Paper Ball Gown

Anna Hall


Bodice – newsprint blended with PVA, moulded on flat surface than reshaped onto mannequin skirt – made from news print, structure held together by PVA and cellulose paste

Arms – newsprint stitched into on sewing machine. All paper died with brusho, with touch of metallic paint. Fastening uses string

This dress represents the value, ‘unity with nature’. It is inspired by the structure, texture and patterns from trees, and, being made solely from paper, is made from trees. An important aspect of the dress is the physical side of the process – whilst I had a design drawn, the dress changed and grew while I was making it, forming the paper structures by hand on a mannequin. I believe embracing the uncontrollable nature of the process gave my dress identity, and I know for certain if I tried to replicate this process the finished product would be quite different. The growth of my dress mirrors growth in nature – it is without seams, everything connected and moulded together by paper pulp, with even the loops of the fastening ‘growing’ out of the dress.