January 10, 2017


Danielle Naylor


With this painting, I convey the inner turmoil one can feel from the pressure of their own mind. This painting is done in a dark palette to increase the ambience of self destruction. I used myself as the focus of the piece as I feel it adds a deeper and relatable connection with the viewer. Furthermore, the haunting faces of the background are demons that plague the mind. The mind has waged war upon itself, and as a result, the body has suffered. I painted her hair wrapped around her throat in an effort to strangle her, conveying that even her own body is against her. 

I painted the face of centre in an effort to portray the lack of self-worth, almost unwilling to step in to the centre of their own life. The emphasis of the demented nature and unnatural chaos of this piece is represented through a screaming face, casted in shadows. Everyone fights secret battles and it takes true courage to present and express it to the world.