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Kate Cameron Reid

Òran Na Cille / Arrane Ny Killey / Amhrán Na Cille: A Pan-Gaelic Multi-artform Commission Celebrating The Linguistic, Cultural And Sprirtual Legacy Of Columba.

Marcas Mac an Tuairneir

What Price Fame?

Summer Wight

How Does a Community Persevere Against a Political Philosophy That Abhors and Threatens Their Very Existence?

Seamus Connolly

What Mysteries Lie Inside This Rose?

Cam Gold

Self: concealed in furls of flesh?

Conor Gray

The Colour of His Feathers

Megan Ross

Changing Tides

Emir Elisa Rizzato

The Longest Walk

Alexander Tarvet

Inside Me.

Siobhan Dyson

The Good Old Days, Are They Really Worth Reliving?

Lewis Murray

When Do We Stop Living And Start Dying?

Callum Osment