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‘Why Are We Drawn To The Horizon?’

Rose Raine Sutherland

‘Is Home Somewhere Physical Or A Inner Place In Our Minds?’

Joyce Davies

‘How Do You Re-Connect With Nature?’

Gordon Baxter

‘Will It Sting?’

Nuno Mello

‘Have You Seen These Animals, Are They Real?’

Ildi Rohonka

‘Aren’t We A Celebration?’

Katheryne Morrison

‘What Would Grief Teach Us If It Could Talk?’

Jordan Strachan

‘What Happens Next?’

Rowan Bazley

‘Can I Find My Inner Light To Enable Me To Connect In The Dark?’

Mai'Lin Knight

‘What Happens If We Discard The Human Form Like We Discard Plastic?’

Eilidh Guthrie

‘The Sea Is Always Changing And Unpredictable, How Can I Best Capture It’s Reality?’

Rhona Graham

‘How Effective Is The Written Word To Change Our Perceptions?’

David Don