Paper & penOff World Entities, 2019

Aren’t we bounded by the formalities of what’s available from the word “GO”? To create, from the moment we are born, by an already established status quo? From our words spoken are taught to us, the living territories carved aplenty. The influences that make up our “Organic, Original” designs/inventions, if any? Everything “new” feels second-hand. Unless death or leaving this planet to really expand. A vaster paradigm in order for us to accumulate, evolve new influences firsthand. In my futile attempt to create cowardly away from the death experience results in odds. I can only travel forward and upwards into a futuristic space race existence of ‘sort’? Of how other entities, extra planetaries, would be artistic in their nature of what’s created? Hope repeated enough provides me insight of why, what, how one would think unlimited. My romantic vision of ungraspable, unfathomable world of other expanses made me envious. If not retreated back to fashionable monkeys locked in our ego, nothing precious, but petty. I have become envisioned to their image, their lifestyle and a fan of their characters and form. My lonely sketching out, enough entities for a civilisation comes alive to shape our reform.