June 29, 2022

Ordinary Lives

Aimee Smillie

Poetry, Short EssayOrdinary Lives, 2022

Through two poems and a short essay we embark on a journey through an Ordinary Life. Beginning with a poem reflecting on the past, what this meant to grow up in the 90’s, as seen through the eyes of a child at home in Glasgow, exploring themes of isolation and estrangement. Silent Streets moves us through to 2020, where we take a walk through derelict streets amidst a global pandemic. Focusing on the individuals account of a world which has paused, a world reflecting back internal feelings of solitude and loneliness. Finally we end our journey with a short essay, examining what it means to live an Ordinary life. This piece works to bring the individual experience into the realm of todays societal norms, into the crowds and bustling masses of 2022. Where we are amidst a culture of “connection” at a time where it is easier than ever before to reach out and access help. Yet, suicide is at an all time high, words have been lost, replaced, by the tapping of keys and touching off screens. Bodies have become disfigured, hunched to make vicariously living through other peoples stories even easier.