May 20, 2022

Òran Na Cille / Arrane Ny Killey / Amhrán Na Cille: A Pan-Gaelic Multi-artform Commission Celebrating The Linguistic, Cultural And Sprirtual Legacy Of Columba.

Marcas Mac an Tuairneir | Isla Callister, 25 | Custal y Lewin , 30 | Bláithin Mhic Cana, 38 | Rachel Walker, 46 | Gary Keane, 35 | Ben Ó Ceallaigh, 32 | Rory Matheson, 30

Poetry, Translation, Song and FilmÒran na Cille / Arrane ny Killey / Amhrán na Cille, 202116:19 (Widescreen) / 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) / 25 fps

Expanding on the premise of a guided meditation, this multi-lingual, multi-artform piece considers concepts of mutual intelligibility and translation. Using a poem by Marcas Mac an Tuairneir as its recurrent motif, the piece interrogates whether translation must always be linguistic, considering whether it can also be musical, sonic, performative and visual, transcending textual translation to include composition, sung performance, recitation, and film. Whilst inspired by the monks’ cells which have become emblematic of Gaelic cultures across Ireland, Man and Scotland the poem contains no reference to an Abrahamaic god, preferring ancient representations marrying the divine and the human: sunrise and -set, the tides, barefoot pilgrimage, bridge-making and the symbiosis of humanity and nature in landscapes. Foregrounding the three Gaelic languages of Ireland, Man and Scotland, the piece was developed without the intercession of English, using textual translation as a bridge to meaning, allowing the artists to reinvent the original poetic work, as it was passed from artist to artist, across land and sea. In this way, the piece serves as a causeway between Gaelic-speaking communities, built through creativity and nurtured and traversed with mutual respect.