October 29, 2016

One World Is Better Than a Divided World

Hira Chaudry

I have decided to concentrate on the theme of the world at peace, as it is a very close and personal issue to me. There are an atrocious amount of wars that have segregated, separated, divided and harmed the human race. Peace symbolises harmony in this world from conflict, and treating everyone no matter who they are or where they are from with concord. Wars have snatched lives from victims of war, stolen dreams and eradicated hopes. They have murdered and slaughtered innocent people for futile reasons. In 2016, our victims of war were refugees. I wrote a story about a girl who longs for a unified world where conflict ceases to exist, and is weary of running from war. I imagined this girl to be fleeing a warzone in the UK, desperately escaping to France. I imagined a civil conflict to be taking place in the UK, as it is closer to home and brings the issue closer to heart. I want people to understand how war can really destroy our child refugees, and all of our children no matter where they’re from, are our keys to the future, but also how imperative peace is for the world.