Audio"Steps", 2020

“Steps” recalls a journey of 12,000 miles, a journey of migration which at the age of 22 I embarked upon with excitement and adventure. This reflection draws our attention to a world event that still resonates today. It tells of mankind’s ability to find fulfilment in discovery, and brings to us the wonders and uniqueness of our world. It poses a question: can mankind make that discovery again? A discovery, where to discover was enough, and where the race to be first and the struggle for power was not the driving force. “Steps” brings into focus our walk through time encountering the steep climb and where the summit is the reward. The final three lines suggest that each step we take can be steps of fulfilment, whether through dark places or by the light of the moon. My personal journey has been like a moving train through a tunnel emerging into the light. In my seventy-seventh year, art has been my companion on this long, continuing journey. In this reflective writing I now see through the mists of time to the four years spent 12,000 miles away from home, and embrace that morning and the light winter breeze.