September 21, 2020

On yonder hill there stood a coo, it must have moved it’s not the noo. Where is it?

David Keat, 67

I am a New Zealander living in Scotland, of retirement age and looking forward to having the time to draw paint and write. I was raised on a farm but have spent a life time in the Hospitality trade with no time to myself. My mother painted and always wanted me to take it up. In her honour, I am going to do so. The Highland cow was a quick pencil drawing I did, testing if I have the requirements to follow my mums path. A dear friend loved my cow and enquired as to if she could have it. Of course it was framed and delivered with love as a gift from the heart. A subject from my past and love of farm life, a combination held dear to me. My aim is to experiment with all forms of material from pastels, oils, water colours, acrylics and combine my love of verse within my artwork. Nature, wildlife and rural land and seascapes will be my topics.

Natural Studies, 2020PencilA4