October 14, 2021

Oil or Our Future – What Will They Choose?

Evie Grace Caldwell

Digital IllustrationOil or Our Future – What Will They Choose?, 2021

This is not just about an oil field. This is about our future. I wake up every morning frightened for the future. I fear looking at the news filled with wildfires, floods and destruction. I fear having children, knowing what their future currently looks like. I fear for my friends around the world, for the places I have seen and the places I have not. I fear for the people who are already suffering. I fear for my home and for your home. I fear for what is yet to come because world leaders refuse to take seriously the warnings or properly and quickly act upon them. The UK government is in talks to approve a new oil & gas project called The Cambo Field, west of Shetland, ignoring the International Energy Agency’s warning that we must have no new oil & gas investments. The climate impacts of the Cambo Oil field project would be devastating. What is clear is that scientists are saying that in order to limit global warming to below 1.5ºC, there must be no new oil, gas or coal developments. This is not a warning, it is a guarantee. Why then, is this being ignored?