November 21, 2019

Oi woman! Will you just shut up?

Marie McGarrol, 33

Sometimes it really sucks to be a woman doesn’t it? Period pains, men troubles, not getting paid as much as the bloke who does half the amount of work as you do, feeling like nothing more than a sexual object. But then you have the positives, the ability to form bonds with other females that will last a life time, to see a problem and be able to tackle it head on due to an ability to be creative and think outside the box. It is this box that through my writing I want to breakdown by visiting women of the past, we as modern women can face our modern challenges head on, in a sisterhood that gives us hope and courage to break down barriers. Girls are now suffering the worst mental health they ever have due to the pressures of what it is meant to be to be a female. I want to say “Oi shut up, I will decide what my life will be not society!”.

Hide and Peep, 2010A Play