January 25, 2017

October’s Child

Ingrid Hill


In this photo, I wanted to portray the bond that humanity has with nature. Growing up in the 21st century I feel that most of my life is spent in the virtual world rather than the real physical one that I am surrounded by. I think that it’s incredibly sad that many people of my age will spend hardly any time in their lives outdoors and therefore may never have a true understanding of the beauty of nature. This photo was taken in late October 2016 when the trees were turning red in the low warm sunlight, my friend who is the model in this photo is wearing a headdress I made of dead flower stalks, I intended on making the crown out of a perishable material because it highlights the fragility of the environment as a whole, and I suppose it also makes this photo unique since I left the headpiece to biodegrade back into the ground where I found the flower stalks originally. I feel that as a nation we do not appreciate the nature and beauty of our country and as climate change progresses and pollution levels rise around the world, we need to protect and admire what we have before it is too late. I believe that through photography and other visual arts we can encourage people to care more for the environment and perhaps put down their smartphones and take in the wonderful world around them.


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