September 5, 2019

Nothing will change if you don’t will it. Nothing will change if you don’t. Will it?

John Harrison, 32

Spirituality, history, with references to Nikola Tesla, Willhelm Reich and NeuShwabbenland in Antarctica and Tupak Shakur and Christopher Wallace. The concept of love over fear. How education and politics is failing the average joe. How we should live in service to each other and not the idea that is money.

All of this is important:

If we, as humans are to consider the future of the human species in a greater cosmos, we must cultivate supreme love and wisdom in our children. I aim, with poetry and other mediums, such as music and creative script writing, to  contribute a small part toward achieving this.

A philosophy of love and genuine wisdom cultivation in schools is something I feel strongly about. It’s not about agreeing with me, or what I write. I believe that simply evoking the thought(s) is what primes and inspires others to think outside the box of conventional “wisdom” to achieve what many once thought was impossible. Our own passions in spite of our own self doubt and fear.

Thank you for taking an interest in this work.

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