December 14, 2016

Not To Be Titled

Robert McCormack


Nothing. There is no subject matter . There is no statement, no argument, no connection to your list of words. Im not going to try and make my work fit an idea or a criteria, I am, on this occasion leaving it blank. 

The composition is never planned but spontaneous. The images taken from line drawings from my daily sketchbooks. Although these images have no intent it is likely that, given the context in which they sit, people will give them meaning . The hope is that people will find their own way through the painting adding their own connotations to the objects. An object could mean many things to a viewer and I am giving them compete control. Colour has helped me to play with my viewer. I am interested in the negative spaces and I like to play with the order of background and foreground with adjacent colour. 

This is just the start of what will be an ongoing series of works made in this manor. Free of subject matter and liberated in their complex simplicity.