Acrylic on canvas and a poem.NHS prayer, 202030 x 40 cm

Hi I’m Helen. I am s staff nurse working for the NHS. I am almost 53 years old. After years of abandoning my creative side I decided to take up painting again when my children left home. I have a grown up son and a grown up daughter but to me they will always be babies 😊 I joined an art class approx one year ago and have been painting ever since. I believe painting, poetry writing and just being generally creative has helped me cope with the conditions I have has to work under as a staff nurse caring for Covid positive patients. I wanted to capture what my colleagues and I feel as NHS workers, especially throughout this pandemic. I was practicing drawing hands one evening (they are so difficult) using images from google and such, and it just came into my head to pop a pair of gloves on my drawing, which later became my painting. Art is my hobby but it’s also my best friend as it can calm me down and make me happy. I hope you like my work. My sentiments come from my heart.