July 24, 2022

Myths last as long as needed

Connie Hurley | Danny Leyland, 28

oil on handstitched cotton, silk and canvasMyths last as long as needed, 26 x 37 x 3cm

Do myths last as long as we need is about networks, stories, weaving and exchange. Borrowing its title from Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, the work is a tender study of friendship, togetherness, resourcefulness, relics, globalisation, speculative futures and time. This quilt-painting was born from a simple friendship-led exchange of gift, knowledge and skill. Based on different continents, Hurley sent Leyland stitched fabrics, Leyland replied by painting the surface. From this emerged a rich visual world, where dialectically opposing paintings, long bound up with the idea of the “master’s tools”, sat in contrast with the domesticity, craft, and DIY creativity of textiles; playing with the hierarchies of material and method, and in turn notions of location, gender, class, and intellect. Blending fact and fiction, Connie Hurley (Scotland) and Danny Leylands (Australia) ongoing collaboration draws material from the bubbling cauldron of metamorphoses, phantasms of change, folktales, mediaeval romances, bestiaries, and visual cultures to illustrate, celebrate and question our personal and collective societal relationships to storytelling and the globalisation of tales. They ponder why and how certain stories have endured time and continue to be told around the world, whilst others fade, wondering if myths, simply, last as long as we need ?