July 16, 2020

Must our children wear the burden of a plastic society?

Cindy Huntley, 52

I was moved by how the careless abuse of our planet was powerfully highlighted by those it will affect most; the world’s young. Drawn to the harm caused by our use of plastic I realised things aren’t as straightforward as I first thought; there’s many amazing, important things made from plastic. The real problem is using/reusing it responsibly. My challenge was to convey this in a simple visual piece. And I decided the seemingly innocent but potentially harmful plastic shopping bag would be my material of choice. I hand-knitted the child’s jacket using 49 plastic bags sourced from my local supermarket. At first the jacket may appear to be a reminder of the all-encompassing nature of our plastic obsession and how our youth must live with the consequences. But on contemplation you can find a message of hope. The bags are compostable and have been recycled and repurposed. The buttons are scannable QR codes directing the viewer to information on the progress being made to promote more sustainable plastic use. Our children’s future is in the balance and I hope my piece shows that we can decide what type of plastic legacy we will leave them with.

49 plastic bags, 2020Compostable plastic65cm by 44cm