October 24, 2016

Mr Davison

Alex Ward

The piece of literature I have written involved an idea quite similar to Carol Ann Duffys’ series of dramatic monologues that involve famous influential leaders and creating their lovers. 

I have decided to take on this challenge and create a counter part for Emily Davison, a famous suffragette that died on the Epsom Derby race track. Her hunger for women’s rights to vote was so inspirational, and it fuelled a lot of women’s confidence in the real world today. Not a lot of people are aware of the challenges woman face in this younger generation, as men still hold the upper hand in almost every aspect of society. This dramatic monologue expresses Ms Davison’s other half to be quite lenient and less dominant compared to other men in the late 1800s. My perception of Mr Davison is the opposite to what common men were like back then, and that is what makes my piece quite extraordinary. Ideally, I focused this piece on my Advanced Higher folio, but I felt it could serve another purpose: to motivate women to fight for what they want. It is unknown whether Emily ever married or not, but if she did- her husband would be in for a treat.