June 29, 2020

Misogyny and mental illness?

Becca Wilson, 30

I feel that there is an intersection between misogyny and mental illness. I see myself in my favourite writers; Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton and I wonder; would I too have been confined to an ‘insane asylum’ for being ‘hysterical’? Could I too have committed suicide because I couldn’t get help; didn’t even know I needed it? Even now, women are ’emotional’, ‘psycho’, ‘manic pixie dream girls’. When Ant McPartlin came out about his mental health, his main message was: ask for help. And I thought, what about when you ask for help and you don’t get it? What if you can’t afford private health care? What if you’re not famous, white, straight and cis-gendered? When I told my GP that I thought I had ADHD he laughed at me. I was right. When I asked for therapy as I was depressed, I waited a year. My poem is about what happens after you break down and you have to put yourself back together. The symbols of mythological women, all feared in some way, show that particular kind of strength and resilience. Women are strong.

Lilith, Poetry